When I first went looking for computers for sale, I decided to avoid retail computer stores altogether. I was sick of people always trying to sell me something bigger and more expensive, and anyway, I thought that I could get a better deal over the Internet than at a retail computer store anyway. I had worked at Best Buy stores before when I was in college, so I knew how it worked. Basically, the people who worked there were rewarded for how many sales they could make. They did not hire geeks, but rather retail sales people – people who could sell you something that you did not really need.

When my computer arrived, I congratulated myself on avoiding going to the retail computer stores. I had a pretty high-end machine that was a whole lot cheaper than anything that I would have gotten at a Best Buy store. It was made with off-brand products, so it cost a whole lot less than if I had made the mistake of buying a Dell, Compaq, or some other name-brand computer.

Everything was great with that machine until I ran into trouble. The computer manufacturer had given me a quality guarantee, but the problem was that he was located across the country from me. Rather than just taking the machine into the retail computer stores to get it serviced, I had to freight it hundreds of miles so that they could look at it. This is the advantage of retail computer stores that I had never thought about until it was too late. I need my computer for my work, but because I had had it made by a small manufacturer located nowhere near me, I had to either void the warranty or be without it for weeks! I wished that I had gone to retail computer stores.

My old computer still worked, so I bit the bullet and sent it in. By the time it got back, it was more than two weeks later! I could have gone to retail computer stores and gotten it fixed several times over by then. Although it has worked really well since then, I sometimes worry still. What would happen if it stopped working again? What if I had a big project to finish and it suddenly failed. When I think about these kinds of issues, I wish that I had used retail computer stores.

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