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Computer Privacy

Computer Privacy

There are a few different ways you can talk about computer privacy if this is a concern for you. Actually, it should be a concern for everyone, but some people don’t think about it, or they don’t care about it. You should think about your personal things that you have stored on your computer, and also, privacy in regards to what you post online about yourself and your family. There are some major mistakes that people make without thinking how it might directly affect their personal privacy and the lives of those that they know and love.

When it comes to posting online, your computer privacy is in your own hands. Really think about how anyone anywhere would view what you are about to post. There are many parents who refuse to post pictures of their children in any public place online. That is a smart idea for many reasons. Just knowing there are pedophiles out there looking for such pictures is enough for some. Others realize that pictures, along with any identifying clues on the rest of the site, could lead someone right to a child. That might be one of the biggest computer privacy concerns that all parents have right now.

Assume that anything you put online is public knowledge. Not only do you have to think about this, you have to teach your children to think about it as well. Some have MySpace pages, and they assume that only their friends are looking. That is rarely the case. They should understand that computer privacy means that they are going to have to watch what they post. Any personal information should be off limits. Those who wish to harm children can use clues that might seem harmless to locate a child. Keep an eye on all online activity and make them change what you don’t like.

Your computer is full of your personal files. These could be anything from drafts of business letters to personal correspondence with friends and family. You may have family tree information, and a ton of personal photos and videos. Obviously, these are things that you don’t want to share with the world. Have password protection in the event that your computer is stolen, though some know ways around such things. In regards to computer privacy, avoid file sharing programs. You may be sharing more than music files. If you travel a lot with a laptop, save personal files to CDs or other forms of data storage and remove them from your computer at least once a week.

Buying a Computer

When I first went looking for computers for sale, I decided to avoid retail computer stores altogether. I was sick of people always trying to sell me something bigger and more expensive, and anyway, I thought that I could get a better deal over the Internet than at a retail computer store anyway. I had worked at Best Buy stores before when I was in college, so I knew how it worked. Basically, the people who worked there were rewarded for how many sales they could make. They did not hire geeks, but rather retail sales people – people who could sell you something that you did not really need.

When my computer arrived, I congratulated myself on avoiding going to the retail computer stores. I had a pretty high-end machine that was a whole lot cheaper than anything that I would have gotten at a Best Buy store. It was made with off-brand products, so it cost a whole lot less than if I had made the mistake of buying a Dell, Compaq, or some other name-brand computer.

Everything was great with that machine until I ran into trouble. The computer manufacturer had given me a quality guarantee, but the problem was that he was located across the country from me. Rather than just taking the machine into the retail computer stores to get it serviced, I had to freight it hundreds of miles so that they could look at it. This is the advantage of retail computer stores that I had never thought about until it was too late. I need my computer for my work, but because I had had it made by a small manufacturer located nowhere near me, I had to either void the warranty or be without it for weeks! I wished that I had gone to retail computer stores.

My old computer still worked, so I bit the bullet and sent it in. By the time it got back, it was more than two weeks later! I could have gone to retail computer stores and gotten it fixed several times over by then. Although it has worked really well since then, I sometimes worry still. What would happen if it stopped working again? What if I had a big project to finish and it suddenly failed. When I think about these kinds of issues, I wish that I had used retail computer stores.