Totally Free Spyware Removers Available

The internet is one of the greatest tools ever for finding and managing data. It might help us fix our home, communicate with friends, find entertainment but it also can the worst thing ever for a computer. Getting on the internet opens a door to your computer to the rest of the world’s computers (Billions of computers). Most of these computers are not a big problem but when people start trying to break into your computer for whatever reason we have a problem. We get Virus, Malware, and Spyware.

Spyware is software (programs) that get loaded onto a computer that cause unwanted behaviors. These behaviors could be popups, user tracking, spam sending, etc. The way the spyware gets loaded also varies from free programs such as: screensavers, games, email attachments, etc.

The best way to keep spyware off your computer is of course never to get it but that is not always possible. Many popular free software programs come bundled with spyware as a way to earn money. They get cash for when you install the spyware on your system. So you have to be cautious what you install and refrain from the word free at times. Ask yourself why is this free and you will find that there is always a catch. If the catch is not spyware or malware then great you might have a great find otherwise you may have spyware.

Some Totally Free Spyware Removers Available are:

  1. – Get all the programs below easier with the free Google Pack. Comes with Ad-aware, Virus Scanner, Secure web browser, and Photo editing.
  2. Spybot – Search & Destroy – Spybot is great tool for removing and detecting spyware. It has to be manually updated and has a great feature called immunize that works great at keeping potential spyware and malware from getting on your computer in the first place. Does not slow down your computer by running in the background.
  3. SpywareBlaster – SpywareBlaster is a tool recommended by Spybot as a way to prevent other types of spyware and malware from getting on your computer. Free for use as long as you do not want automatic updates. Still works very well even if you only update it once a month and it does not slow down your computer by running in the background.
  4. Microsoft Windows Defender – Microsoft bought out a company that was doing spyware detection and removal and that is where we get Microsoft Windows Defender. A free program for windows users that have a legit copy of Windows and all your updates. Works really well and it is free. It will run in the background by default which will have a mild effect on your computer performance. You probably won’t notice unless your computer is a few years old.
  5. Ad-Aware SE Personal – An up an coming free spyware remover is Ad-aware. It has be free many years and has got so good and popular that only the personal edition is free now. But for free your going to get a lot for your money. Run this one when you can’t run Windows Defender. It will find things that Spybot cannot find. Does not run in the background.
  6. XP-AntiSpy – A great program for turning off Windows services (background programs) that should not be turn on. Windows leaves a lot of doors open for viruses and spyware to get it. This could help close some of the doors and open them only when you need to.
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