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Remove Spyware – What It Is And Why It’s Important

spyware-controlOne of the most common phrases internet users hear today concerns the need to remove spyware. It’s true that the phenomenon of spyware is relatively recent – a few years ago, the only thing we needed to worry about were viruses and the odd Trojan horse. But today, as more users use the internet and it becomes more dynamic, spyware has emerged as the new threat you need to be wary about.

What It Is And How It Works

As the name implies, spyware is basically a tracking tool that is placed on your computer to ‘spy’ on you. The threat level of spyware varies – in some cases, they can be pretty benign. For instance, a number of sites use spyware to track consumer surfing and purchasing as part of their marketing research. However there are a number of malicious sites out there that use spyware to capture your passwords and other personal information. The best way to protect yourself against spyware contamination is to know what’s out there and how to defend yourself against them. If in fact you do find some on your system, it’s essential that you learn how to remove spyware, as well.

But first things first – how do you avoid getting spyware in the first place? Bear in mind that spyware needs to be downloaded onto your system – that means that the most popular way spyware infections happen is through unscrupulous downloading. The best way to avoid this is the make sure you are downloading from a trusted person or site. If you are downloading software packages from the internet, make sure that you do so via a trusted site.

Read Before You Agree

It’s also important to thoroughly read the End User License Agreement that pops up before you download any software. Most times people just blindly say ‘yes’ to this without reading the fine print – in some cases, you could be allowing the company to install spyware programs onto your computer. Last but definitely not least, it’s important to learn how to remove spyware. The good news is that most anti-virus programs now detect and remove spyware as well as other threats. But to make sure you are always protected, ensure that your virus updates are done regularly. Also make sure to scan your computer on a regular basis to quickly spot any infections.

The bottom line to preventing spyware infections is to be careful about what you download onto your computer. If you hear about a great new program, research it first and read other people’s user feedback. When you do download, make sure you only do so via a trusted site. If you do find an infection, run your antivirus program to remove spyware from your system.

I don’t expect you to love Spyware like I do but please share your thoughts and feelings about the stuff.

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