Idenity TheftSocial Security Card Replacement — Identity Theft (Idenity Theft)

With all the identity theft that is going on I have a suggestion for a system to prevent someone from establishing credit under another person’s name and Social Security Number. Similar to Credit Cards in the fact that they have a pin number, why not create an SSN pin that only the person will have access to. They could change it if they thought it was compromised and that pin would have to be used to verify that person’s identity for credit and for any other secure agreements.

This could be easily done with a system similar to a Debit Card, only it is an SSN card with an encrypted magnetized strip that has the Social Security Number on it. The Card could still have the person’s Social Security Number printed on the front of it but it would need to be verified by a secure pin or possibly a fingerprint. When the person is at a mall, bank, or car dealership, for example, and decides to apply for credit they would need to swipe that card through a credit card type reader and then key in their personal security pin (or fingerprint) so that they can verify who they say they are with their SSN card and knowledge of their security pin.

Now, say a social security card gets stolen. It would be worthless without the pin to prove their identity. Yes, it could be decrypted and copied but the pin would still be part of the system that they couldn’t get from stealing a purse. And, with the option for fingerprint identity verification this system would prove to be even more secure. Fingerprints have been used for proving identity for years in criminal investigations. Now may be the time to use fingerprints to protect the innocent victims of the all-too prevalent identity theft crimes. Even if the social security card or pin number were compromised for a short time the card could be replaced and the pin number changed and life could begin to get back to normal again.

Similar verification techniques could be setup for employers to verify people’s identity over the phone or internet. The fact is that too many people have access and can get Social Security Numbers and there is no way for people to safeguard themselves with the current system. This problem is because the one number that is supposed to be safeguarded is getting out to thieves because it is stored in computers and on financial papers.

I know that there are costs associated with adopting this kind of system but to stop this crime it will take some defensive measures or this Social Security system will crumble because of robbers abusing it. Anyone in this country is at risk of getting his identity stolen at anytime. Wouldn’t you want an extra layer of security between you and the bad guy? The good points to a system like this far outweigh the bad points because currently if we get our SSN card stolen then it might be years before we get our identity secured again, not to mention some people may never get their identity back. Something needs to be done to tighten up our nation’s ability to give and receive. This seems like one of the best ways the credit card companies work. Why can’t our government implement something similar?

Let me know what you think about my solution with a comment.