Identity TheftIdentity Theft – Scams to Steal Your Personal Information by Aazdak Alisimo
Give me convenience or give me death! With our increased reliance on the convenience of the web and plastic over cash, we have opened a pandora’s box in crime. In this case, Pandora is called identity theft.

The phrase identity theft generally means what it sounds like. It is the theft of a person’s identity by another for some profitable purpose. That being said, identity theft actually comes in a number of different forms.

Mention identity theft and most people think of stolen credit cards. This occurs, but is actually the end result of the theft. Credit card accounts are not the target of most criminals, social security numbers are.

With a social security number, an identity thief can take many financial steps. They can open multiple credit card accounts. They even apply for a loan once they establish a second address.

If you social security number is stolen, you may be shocked to learn where it turns up. Given the attitude towards illegal immigrants these days, many are trying to procure such numbers and identity theives are now selling them to them.

The reselling of social security numbers has nasty aspect to it. The income from the secondary person appears under your social security number with the IRS. Guess what happens when your tax return figures don’t match theirs? A tax audit!

Another area where your social security number can be misused is at the bank. The thief will open a bank account using the number. The thief then writes bad checks against the account until the bank closes it.

Owning the latest mobile phone seems to be a must these days. Signing up for such phone services is simple and indentity theives are famous for doing it. The people at those kiosks in the mall just don’t check very closely.

The horrific thing about identity theft is it occurs without the victim knowing it. The identity thief always uses an alternative address, so you have no way of discovering what is going on until it is much too late.

Sooner or later, you will figure out that you have been a victim of identity theft. It may be when collectors call or when your ATM card doesn’t work or when a credit card charge is rejected. Whatever the occasion, it will not be pleasant.

Identity theft is one of the more aggravating crimes out there. If it happens to you, expect to spend months trying to get the mess worked out. Businesses and the government are getting better at dealing with it, but it is still a nightmare.
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