Congratulations Less spam for Everyone

Yesterday the infamous spammer Robert Alan Soloway was arrested on charges in connection with his flagrant Spamming business.


According to USA Today, Soloway was responsible for sending tens of billions of emails each day ranking him with the top ten most spammers in the world. Now arrested for a 35-count indictment including mail fraud, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, e-mail fraud, and money laundering. Law officials have now seized bank accounts and property in the thousands. Prosecutors will still move to confiscate $773,000 made from his business.

Many people hope this arrest will send a message to would-be spammers about the legal danger their profession is placing them in. It is certainly a great step in lowering the amount of emails we get to check our PayPal account’s status, for email accounts you don’t have PayPal accounts on. Many people speculat

e that this arrest will lower the amount of spam we get in our inboxes. This may be true for a while, but I myself haven’t seen a change since his arrest in the amount of spam in my box. If anything I would say that I have had more, but spam like this has become a big business. It is not backed by organized crime with people ready to steal identities any chance they can get. If anything this arrest will probably only change the spammers ways at best.

Let me know if you have seen less spam lately with a comment.

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