Malware is the next generation of spyware. It is malicious software that infects your computer much like a virus or spyware does but does things that compromise the computer for security. These programs will log your user names, passwords, stored information in files on your computer such as birth dates, Social Security Numbers for intent to use them to steal and compromise you identity.

Not all virus programs will look for them so be sure to find out if yours does. Keep it up to date and run it often and you will get keep most of these programs off your computer and find the ones that make it through. Here is a great free package of software programs that Google provides for your security and it is free so download it. It comes with spyware/malware detector, virus scanner, and image editing software. You can select to install some or all of the the items but they are all things I use on a daily basis.

Let me know if you have a spyware remove program that works good for you.

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