Spyware Removal Tools

All spyware removal tools are not created equal. As a consumer you need be very careful what you put on your computer. It takes a computer genius sometimes to know if a program is safe and sometimes even they have to test it on a computer that it won’t matter if it gets broken. So here are some rules to live by as you try to install software on your computer:

Note–These rules apply to even spyware and virus removal software as well because this software can be riddled with spyware, viruses, and popup software.

  1. If is sounds too good to be true it probably is. Companies are trying to make money on the internet. Try to figure out why they are offering the product for free. Is it because they want you to upgrade? Buy something else? Sign up for their newsletter? Or it could even be so you get infected with their spyware so they can steal information? There are many reasons but remember people don’t usually do things out of the goodness of their hearts. There is always an angle to why they are doing the work.
  2. Avoid free products that don’t have extensive reviews. A great example of this maybe if you see a banner for a screen saver. If it isn’t a well known company and a quick search on Google for the company name turns up lots of negative links or very little links at all it is best to avoid the software from that company. May spyware companies change names frequently to not get caught by police or accumulate a lot of bad press.
  3. Remember to ask yourself “Is it worth it” If you lost all the data (documents, pictures, videos) on your computer and weren’t able to recover them and you had to pay someone to rebuild your computer from scratch would it still be worth downloading that free game or screen saver.
  4. Scan all downloaded files with an updated virus/spyware scanner. After downloading a file that seems trustworthy scan the file with a virus scanner that has been updated with the latest security information. This can be done with some spyware software as well so scan it however you are able. Here is a link to download the free Google pack. They offer a free virus scanner and spyware scanner in this bundle and you can’t beat free for important software like this.
  5. Keep an eye on your computer. Your computer can act just like it is getting sick. It may get slow suddenly or start throwing popup ads at you. Things may disappear such as your virus scanner. Just keep an eye on your computer and if something changes ask yourself what have I done to cause this? What new software did I install? Is everything running the way it should? If not then update your security programs and run your scans for viruses and spyware. If they find things remove the problems and scan again often to make sure everything is working fine.

These rules will help secure and keep your computer running fast and smooth. You will feel like you control your computer and not your computer controlling you. Let me know if you if you have any other tips with a comment or link.

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